2014 News

02.04.2014 | A University Isn't a Business, Even in Kansas

"No wonder the Kansas professoriate and the American Association of University Professors are pushing back. The essential nature of the university — in Kansas and elsewhere — is at risk."

02.04.2014 | Pay Raises for Community College Adjuncts Moves Ahead in Colorado Legislature

AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum testified that he analyzes college budgets for the AAUP and that the Colorado Community College System could reduce “administrative bloat” and grow reserves beyond current values to pay what he estimates to be an $86.4 million implementation price.

02.03.2014 | Strike at PSU?

In his letter to the editor, AAUP member Gary R. Brodowicz summarizes, "My simple answer is this: It’s about the priorities of the administration. The PSU faculty continue to fight for students and quality education. The PSU administration? I’m not so sure."

01.31.2014 | Starr President

Lynn Tatum, treasurer of the AAUP Texas State Conference, said that Starr has lived up to the promises he made in his first speech as president, which included a "ringing endorsement of academic freedom and the crucial role of faculty governance."

01.31.2014 | Weeks After Christie Veto, Lawmakers Try Again to Create Tuition Study Commission

“We were devastated when the governor vetoed this bill and said that it was redundant," Dan O’Connor, president of the New Jersey state AAUP conference, told the committee today. “I will have been a faculty member at Rutgers University, this July, 40 years. Affordability, I can assure you, is not being addressed.”

01.28.2014 | Donald Trump's Climate Conspiracy Theory

Mother Jones uses AAUP salary survey figures to "take on this idea that scientists are in it for the money."

01.28.2014 | Northeastern Illinois Settles with Professor in Defamation Suit

"Capeheart, whose legal battle began six years ago, said via email that the September ruling most helped her case, but the recent AAUP report also likely encouraged the university to settle, in that it 'publicly exposed the university’s willingness to override basic faculty and citizens’ rights.'”

01.24.2014 | Right-to-Work Laws are Wrong for Ohio

In his op-ed, AAUP Ohio Conference President John T. McNay explains why "right-to-work is wrong for the working and middle class, wrong for Ohio, wrong for all of us."