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Joining the AAUP says that you’re concerned about academic freedom, and how that basic freedom protects your teaching and research. It says that participating in faculty governance is important to you, and that you are concerned about career issues, tenure, and the overuse of contingent appointments. By joining the AAUP, you help shape the future of our profession. In addition, there are practical benefits such as discounts, insurance programs, and a subscription to Academe, including the annual report on faculty compensation.

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If you teach at an institution where the AAUP has a collective bargaining agreement, please contact your local chapter to join. If you teach in Nevada, please contact the Nevada Faculty Alliance.

AAUP 2014 Membership Dues
(for non-collective bargaining members only)

Please choose either monthly or Annually and then click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button.

Dues Category based on Academic Income:  
Band 1
$30,000 or less
Monthly: $4 Annually: $48


Band 2
Monthly: $5.42 Annually: $65


Band 3
Monthly: $7.17 Annually: $86


Band 4
Monthly: $9 Annually: $108


Band 5
Monthly: $12.58 Annually: $151


Band 6
Monthly: $14.75 Annually: $177


Band 7
Monthly: $16.67 Annually: $200


Band 8
Monthly: $18.33 Annually: $220


Band 9
More than $120,000
Monthly: $20.25 Annually: $243


Show Your Support with a Lifetime Membership

Age: Lifetime Dues Rate:  
Age 60-64 $1800

Age 65-69 $1200

Age 70 and older $800

Lifetime member rates do not apply to members currently paying dues via a collective bargaining chapter. 

To pay dues via monthly bank debit, please download a printer-friendly form to return by mail.