Advisory Committees

Academe Advisory Board

Advises on columns, features, design, and other matters regarding the Association's magazine, Academe.


Aaron Barlow (English),
New York City College of Technology, City University of New York, editor, 2015


Marc Bousquet (English),
Santa Clara University, 2015


Martin Kich (English)
Wright-State University, 2015


Victor Navasky,
publisher emeritus of The Nation, 2015


Noreen O’Connor (English),
King’s College (PA), 2014


Cat Warren (English)
North Carolina State University, 2015


Gwendolyn Bradley, staff
Michael Ferguson, staff


Bulletin of the AAUP Advisory Board

Advises on content, design, and other matters regarding the Bulletin, the Association's journal of record.


Stephen H. Aby (Bibliography),
University of Akron, 2015

Aaron Barlow (English),
New York City College of Technology, City University of New York, 2015

Larry G. Gerber (History),
Auburn University, 2014

Henry Reichman (History),
California State University, East Bay, 2015

Michael Ferguson, staff

Gregory F. Scholtz, staff

Litigation Committee

Serves as a legal advisory board for the Association’s office of staff counsel and general counsel.  Provides expertise in such matters as employment law, education law, the First Amendment, intellectual property, labor law, and civil liberties.  Individual committee members may serve as consultants on AAUP amicus briefs that fall within their specific areas of expertise.  While the committee provides advice on whether or not the AAUP should file an amicus brief in a particular case, the final decision to file is made jointly by the president, general counsel, and general secretary.


Theresa Chmara,
chair, 2014


Alan E. Brownstein (Law),
University of California, Davis, 2015


James J. Brudney (Law),
Ohio State University, 2014


Martha E. Chamallas (Law),
Ohio State University, 2015


Rebecca S. Eisenberg (Law),
University of Michigan, 2015


Cynthia Estlund (Law),
New York University, 2015


Amy Gajda (Law),
Tulane University, 2015


Jay P. Kesan (Law),
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015


Peter Lee (Law),
University of California, Davis, 2014


Risa L. Lieberwitz (Law),
Cornell University, 2016


Deborah C. Malamud (Law),
New York University, 2014


Helen Norton (Law),
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2014


Michael A. Olivas (Law),
University of Houston, 2015


David M. Rabban (Law),
University of Texas at Austin, 2015


R. Anthony Reese (Law),
University of California, Irvine, 2015


Steve Sanders (Law),
Indiana University, 2014


Steven H. Shiffrin (Law),
Cornell University, 2014


Leland Ware (Law),
University of Delaware, 2014


Aaron Nisenson, staff

Nancy Long, staff

(updated 10/12)