Contingent Faculty

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

The Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor is a loose network of activists involved in contingent faculty issues. Its primary functions are to share information, educate our colleagues and the public, and build solidarity among the scattered ranks of faculty activists.

Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession

Report examing the costs to academic freedom incurred by the current trend toward overreliance on part and full-time non-tenure-track faculty.  The report recommends that for the good of institutions, of the educational experiences of students, and of the quality of education, the proportion of tenured and tenure-track faculty should be increased.


AAUP Contingent Faculty Index 2006

In the AAUP Contingent Faculty Index 2006, the American Association of University Professors provides data to document the increasing predominance of non-tenure-track faculty in America’s colleges and universities. This report draws on figures submitted by institutions to the US Department of Education’s IPEDS database for fall 2005, and makes data on individual campuses easily accessible for the first time.

Professors of Practice

Report addressing a category of full-time non-tenure-track faculty appointments known as “professors of practice.”  It recommends, in accordance with Association principles, that these faculty members be accorded tenure's protections.

Looking the Other Way? Accreditation Standards and Part-Time Faculty

Report surveys six of the different regional accrediting organizations' handbooks and selected statements relating to part-time faculty.

Unemployment Compensation Initiative

The AAUP supports the National Unemployment Compensation Initiative, designed to help eligible contingent faculty obtain unemployment compensation between academic terms. 

East-West University Should Choose a New Direction

A few days after adjunct faculty filed a petition with the NLRB, the university “non-renewed” all of its fifty-plus adjunct faculty members.

Summary Dismissal of Contingent Faculty Member Raises Concerns

The summary dismissal of a contingent faculty member at Texas A & M University-San Antonio (TAMUS) raises serious concerns for the AAUP.  A letter was sent to the TAMUS administration yesterday conveying these concerns. Read the AAUP's letter (.pdf)

The Status of Part-Time Faculty

Statement offering new propositions, consistent with Association principles, to address some of the continuing problems concerning part-time faculty members.

On Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

Report reviewing and analyzing  the growing use of non-tenured positions and its implications.


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