Collective Bargaining

Bowling Green Faculty Vote for AAUP Union

A two-year organizing drive by the AAUP-affiliated Bowling Green State University Faculty Association ended in victory this October as faculty members voted by a wide margin in favor of unionization. The new faculty union will include tenured and tenure-track as well as full-time non-tenure-track faculty members at BGSU’s two northwest Ohio campuses.

Part-Time Faculty In Michigan Say Yes To Union

In October, contingent faculty at Northern Michigan University voted to become a part of the existing AAUP collective bargaining chapter, which already represented tenured and tenure-track faculty.

The vote was 54–5 in favor of “accreting,” or adding onto the existing union, which means that one hundred contingent faculty members will join the existing three-hundred-person bargaining unit. Those eligible are contingent faculty teaching at least eight credits a year.

I Want to Be a Member of a Graduate Student Employee Union Because...

A union will stand up for my economic interests.

  • I want a voice in establishing both my working conditions and the rights and standards of the profession.
  • Graduate student employees deserve to receive a living wage in exchange for their work.
  • By working collectively, graduate student employees can make certain that their compensation is a campus priority.
  • I cannot concentrate on my professional development if I am distracted by economic insecurity.

New Faculty Union at University of Oregon

This spring, faculty members at the University of Oregon filed union authorization cards with the state Employment Relations Board and came to an agreement with the administration, clearing the way for union certification.

EMU-AAUP Overwhelmingly Approves Contract

Through this vote, the faculty has indicated that they strongly support the terms of the agreement. The agreement contains many positive developments.

A Warm Welcome to Our Wright State Colleagues

Non-tenure-track full-time faculty at Wright State today voted overwhelmingly to be represented in collective bargaining by a local AAUP chapter.

A Warm Welcome to New Members at Wright State

In October, full-time non-tenure track faculty at Wright State University voted overwhelmingly to have the Wright State chapter of the AAUP represent them in collective bargaining. The chapter has served as the collective bargaining agent for full-time tenure track faculty.

Tentative Contract at Wayne State

The faculty and academic staff union (AAUP-AFT) and the administration at Wayne State University have tentatively agreed to an eight-year contract. In addition to changes in wages and benefits, the contract establishes ongoing committees to explore the use of technology in education and the changing realities of health care benefits.

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