Summer Institute

Faculty Activism and AAUP Principles Shine at the 2009 Summer Institute

Despite the grim economic times academia faces, the mood was as sunny as the weather when two hundred faculty members, academic professionals, graduate students, and AAUP leaders descended upon Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, this July for the AAUP’s annual Summer Institute.

From the General Secretary: Changing Our Future

We are at a transition point, as an association, that is not unlike that of the academy. Our ability to change and secure our collective future will depend on our ability to look beyond ourselves. As an association, our challenge is to attract new members and leaders who will change us for the better, even as they enrich, adapt, and extend the core values of the AAUP and the core functions of the academy. Making that transition successfully requires passing the proverbial torch and exploring new possibilities for our work.

Summer Institute Offers Skills, Networking, and Fun

About two hundred faculty members and other higher education professionals gathered at Roosevelt University in Chicago from July 26 to 29 for the AAUP’s Summer Institute, cosponsored by the AAUP’s Collective Bargaining Congress and Assembly of State Conferences. The event is geared toward both unionized and nonunionized faculty activists at all types of institutions.

Summer Institute Trains Faculty, Inspires Action

The 2013 Summer Institute was held July 25–28 in Seattle, Washington. This was an extensive four-day series of workshops and seminars that helped to prepare the 230 attendees to organize their colleagues, stand up for academic freedom, and advocate for research and teaching as the core priority of higher education. We've also posted more pictures from the Summer Institute on our Flickr page. All of the photos are licensed so chapters and conferences are welcome to download and use them in their own publications.

AAUP-CBC Summer Institute Trains Faculty, Inspires Action

More than two hundred faculty members and other higher education professionals took a weekend of their summer to build skills, network, and have fun at the AAUPCBC’s 2013 Summer Institute. Held July 25–28 on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, the Summer Institute included workshops on organizing, faculty handbooks, contract negotiations, shared governance, faculty diversity, and university finances.

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