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Please note that AAUP Policy Documents and Reports (the Redbook) can be purchased from Johns Hopkins University Press and Academic Collective Bargaining can be purchased from the Modern Language Association.


The AAUP's bimonthly magazine explores developments in higher education from the perspective of faculty members. Recent feature articles have examined work and family issues, affirmative action, contingent faculty appointments, intellectual property, and other timely topics. The Association's Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession (known as the "salary survey") is published in the March–April issue of Academe. Other Association reports are published in the Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, which is published as the July-August issue of Academe.

A subscription to Academe is included in Association membership. Non-members and AAUP chapters may purchase subscriptions. Single issues are also available while supplies last.

Subscription to Academe 

Subscriptions start with the current issue at the time of payment. Cancellations are not accepted in the course of the subscription year. Claims are accepted within 60 days of publication date. Multiple issue subscriptions are accepted. Rates include postage and handling.

Quantity of Subscriptions:  


Single copy of  Academe (excluding salary survey and the Bulletin): $10.00 Note: We have a limited supply of back issues. Please contact us for availability of specific issues.



Single copy of a March-April issue of Academe (Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession): $95.00



Bulletin of the AAUP

Bulletin coverReports and policy documents issued by the AAUP are published throughout the year on the AAUP website. The Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors brings together in one volume the previous academic year’s academic freedom and tenure and governance investigative reports, standing committee and ad hoc subcommittee reports, new policy documents and revisions to previously published documents, and selected annual reports of the Association and other relevant business materials. $16

The Bulletin is  published once a year and is sent to members as part of their subscription to Academe, the Association's magazine.



Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Contingent Faculty: A Manual for Applicants and a Strategy to Gain Full Rights to Benefits.
By Joe Berry, Beverly Stewart, and Helena Worthen.
2008. (48 pp.)

Though many contingent faculty members have no assurance of continued employment, they are often denied unemployment benefits between academic terms. This guidebook, published by the Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor with financial assistance from the AAUP, offers advice for individual contingent faculty members about filing for unemployment and discusses strategies that can be used by faculty organizations and their allies at the local, state, and national levels to make benefits more accessible to contingent academic laborers.


Paychecks: A Guide to Conducting Salary-Equity Studies for Higher Education Faculty, 2nd ed.
By Lois Haignere.
2002. (105 pp.)
$10.75 AAUP member price.
$20.75 Nonmember price.

Paychecks is a resource for those who want to investigate bias in faculty salaries or interpret the results of other studies. The new expanded edition of Paychecks describes ways to detect gender and race bias among faculty in the same rank, select a salary-equity consultant, remedy bias when it is found, and accomplish other tasks related to ensuring equity in faculty salaries.



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