Report of the Committee on College and University Governance, 2010–11

Issues of governance continue to beat the heart of the AAUP’s concerns and activities. Attacks on legitimate faculty involvement in college and university governance have resulted not only in increasing challenges to the role of faculty senates, especially in regard to restructuring and program elimination, but also in efforts to deny faculty the right to engage in collective bargaining.

In response to these attacks, the Committee on College and University Governance has encouraged a more vigorous approach by the national office to investigating violations of Association-supported standards of shared governance; in addition, it has approved an updated version of Standards for Investigations in the Area of College and University Governance that will appear in the next edition of the AAUP’s Policy Documents and Reports. The committee also helped to organize a highly successful national conference in Washington, DC, focusing on both the challenges to shared governance and examples of effective governance in action. During the past year, the committee met in person November 12–14, 2010, to coincide with the governance conference that it hopes will now become an annual event, and by conference call on May 9. Through a joint subcommittee with the AAUP’s Committee on Contingency and the Profession, the governance committee also continues to address the issue of how to provide an appropriate role for contingent faculty in college and university governance.

The subcommittee conducted a survey of current senate leaders to determine the present extent of contingent faculty involvement in institutional governance and will be working this coming year on preparing a report and developing recommendations for its parent committees to consider.

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