2016 AAUP In the News

03.04.2016 | AAUP Threatens Investigation into Melissa Click's Firing, Foley Responds

The AAUP expresses concern over the circumstances of Melissa Click's firing and plans to meet as to whether to launch an investigation. 

03.04.2016 | Search for Truth in Peril on UW System Campuses

AAUP members Chad Alan Goldberg and Elena Levy-Navarro defend the principles of tenure, shared governance and academic freedom for the UW System in this op-ed. Next week, new recommended policies with implications for tenure and shared governance will come before the UW Board of Regents for a full board vote.

03.01.2016 | Mount St. Mary's University President Simon Newman Resigns

After much controversy, the president of Mount Saint Mary's University resigned. Although two dismissed faculty members were reinstated, as the AAUP had urged, the situation created an atmosphere of distrust at the university with large concerns about academic freedom and institutional governance.

02.26.2016 | National Professors' Group Urges MU to Rehire Click

In a letter to the MU chancellor, the AAUP says MU did not follow its own rules in firing Click and insists that Click deserved “a hearing before an elected faculty body."

02.25.2016 | Mount Saint Mary's Case Raises Questions about Firing Professors

Mount Saint Mary's University's firing two professors for disloyalty made national news, as did the University of Missouri's suspension and subsequent firing of Professor Melissa Click. The AAUP's associate secretary Hans-Joerg Tiede discusses a growing trend of willingness among administrators to dismiss faculty for statements seen as damaging the public image of the school. Tiede points out faculty have a right to defend themselves in front of their peers, a right denied to Mount St. Mary’s professors and Click.

02.24.2016 | UConn Teachers Union Rally: Claim They’re Left Out of “University” Definition

UConn faculty, students and community members will attend a rally to build support for AAUP faculty working for a fair contract. After the administration’s chief negotiator said, "the university (is defined as) the Board of Trustees, the President, the Provost and the Deans,” without mention of students or the faculty, students and faculty are reasserting their voice in and role on campus.

02.24.2016 | Don't 'Go There'

Opponents of Texas's new campus concealed carry law, including faculty, argue it will chill academic freedom and free speech. Some recommendations from the University of Houston’s Faculty Senate on how to teach under campus carry amplifies concerns of its effects on academic freedom. Henry Reichman, chair of the American Association of University Professors’ Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, called a controversial presentation slide “ominous” on AAUP's “Academe” blog and told Inside Higher Ed that under such guidelines, “it's possible to teach but not well and not freely.” 

02.23.2016 | Stakes Are High in Graduate Assistant Organizing, Stakeholders on Both Sides Say

For graduate assistants hoping for a voice at work through collective bargaining, a lot rides on cases before the NLRB. Risa Lieberwitz, AAUP general counsel, says, "The universities are taking the position that they should be in the position of unilateral control."