2015 AAUP In the News

09.08.2015 | Rocky Start for UI President

The trend toward appointing people with primarily corporate backgrounds to head universities is disturbing. The AAUP, whose UI chapter conducted the online survey about finalists, fears if universities are run like corporations, their mission of educating students in ways that move society forward could get lost.

09.02.2015 | Fired for Being Profane

Kevin L. Cope, a professor of English and president of the senate, said he thought the AAUP report “pretty much captures faculty concerns,” and that the report pins down “the faculty feeling that procedures were somehow interrupted in this case and that the story culminates a long history of faculty-adverse behavior” at Louisiana State.

09.02.2015 | Don't Believe Everything You Learn

This story advises readers to not accept "facts" at face value, but to do some research. One example used, "When former Chancellor Wise emails you that the university administration is dedicated to academic freedom, look up a recent report by the AAUP."

09.02.2015 | PA-AAUP President Speaks to Marywood Chapter

John Hinshaw explains the importance of the AAUP on campus and compares the AAUP to "a fire crew" working to fix problems and a "fire inspector" who seeks to prevent problems.

09.01.2015 | Ban on Banning Words

Henry Reichman, chair of the AAUPs' Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, points out that there are multiple issues at play in the debate over the Washington State syllabus.

08.31.2015 | PSU President’s Salary More Than Meets the Eye

Using the AAUP's compensation report, this article compares average faculty salaries with PSU president President Wim Wiewel's salary of $401,700. Additionally, he receives payments to a retirement plan, free housing, automobile usage, sabbatical time, maid service at his home, and gardening services.

08.27.2015 | Rutgers Coach Kyle Flood May Have Emailed Part-Time Professor, Faculty Union Says

"You can imagine how someone in those situations would feel," David Hughes, Rutgers AAUP-AFT president, said. "A guy earning a million dollars is talking to an instructor earning less than $5,000."

08.27.2015 | UBC Leadership Crisis Goes Beyond Ivory Tower

Columnist E. Wayne Ross writes, "Universities exist for the common good, not to further the interest of an individual or an institution. And, as the influential 1940 statement of the AAUP argues, the common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free expression. These are principles that are clearly stated and even extended further in the policies of UBC."