Officers & Council

Executive Committee of the Council

Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, President (2016)
Economics, Wright State University

Henry Reichman, First Vice-President (2016)
History, California State University, East Bay

Susan Michalczyk, Second Vice-President (2016)
Asst. Director, Arts and Science Honors Program, Boston College

Michele Ganon, Secretary-Treasurer (2016)
Accounting, Western Connecticut State University

Howard Bunsis, AAUP-CBC Chair (2017)
Accounting, Eastern Michigan University

Hans-Joerg Tiede, Assembly of State Conferences Chair (2018)
Computer Science, Illinois Wesleyan University

Risa L. Lieberwitz, General Counsel (non-voting) (2016)
Law, Cornell University

Immediate Past President, vacant

Julie M. Schmid, staff


Reflects redistricting approved on 6/9/06.

District I
Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Angela Brommel (2015)
Humanities, Nevada State College

Chris Nagel (2016)
Philosophy, California State University, Stanislaus

District II
Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Philip Cole (2015)
Physics, Idaho State University

Ann McGlashan (2016)
German, Baylor University

District III

Lisa Minnick (2016)
English, Western Michigan University

Mehmet Yaya (2018)
Economics, Eastern Michigan University

District IV
Arkansas, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia 

Nancy McKenney (2015)
Library, Eastern Kentucky University

Hans-Joerg Tiede (2016)
Computer Science, Illinois Wesleyan University

District V
Alabama, Canada, Florida, Foreign, Georgia, Guam, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Virgin Islands, West Virginia

Jeffrey A. Butts (2015)
Biology, Appalachian State University

Linda L. Carroll (2016)
Italian, Tulane University

District VI

Ashlee Brand (2016)
English, Cuyahoga Community College

Linda Rouillard  (2018)
French, University of Toledo

District VII
New Jersey

Harry W. Janes (2015)
Plant Biology & Pathology, Rutgers University

Robert S. Boikess (2016)
Chemistry, Rutgers University

District VIII
New York

Anne Friedman (2015)
Developmental Education,  City University of New York Borough of Manhattan Community College

Sally Dear-Healey (2016)
Sociology/Anthropology, State University of New York College at Cortland

District IX
Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont

Julian Madison (2016)
History, Southern Connecticut University

Irene T. Mulvey (2018)
Mathematics, Fairfield University

District X
Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Maria T. Bacigalupo (2015)
Administration, Planning & Social Policy, Curry College

Charles A. Baker (2016)
French and Film, College of the Holy Cross

At-Large Delegates
Mayra Besosa (2015)
Spanish, California State University, San Marcos

Rana Jaleel (2015)
American Studies, Columbia Law School

Charles J. Parrish (2015)
Political Science, Wayne State University

Jane L. Buck  (2016)
Psychology, Delaware State University

Dan O’Connor (2016)
Library & Information Science, Rutgers University

Deanna D. Wood (2016)
Library, University of New Hampshire

Natalio “Nathan” Avani (2016)
Secondary Education, San Francisco State University

Jacqueline Aranté  (2018)
English, Portland State University

Richard Gomes (2018)
ESL, Rutgers University

Ex Officio from Assembly of State Conferences
Hans-Joerg Tiede, Chair (2015)
Computer Science, Illinois Wesleyan University

 vacant, Past-Chair
Ex Officio from AAUP-CBC
Howard Bunsis, Chair (2015)
Accounting, Eastern Michigan University

Julie M. Schmid, staff