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If you teach at an institution where the AAUP has a collective bargaining agreement, please contact your local chapter to join. If you teach in Nevada, please contact the Nevada Faculty Alliance.

AAUP 2014 Membership Dues
(for non-collective bargaining members only)

Please choose your income level and then click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button.
On the final screen you will be asked to choose a monthly or annual option.

The dues category is based on academic income.

Band 1
$30,000 or less


$48 Annually $4 Monthly                 

Band 2


$65 Annually, $5.42 Monthly           

Band 3


$86 Annually, $7.17 Monthly            

Band 4


$108 Annually, $9 Monthly               

Band 5


$151 Annually, $12.58 Monthly         

Band 6


$177 Annually, $14.75 Monthly         

Band 7


$200 Annually, $16.67 Monthly         

Band 8


$220 Annually, $18.33 Monthly         

Band 9
More than $120,000
$243 Annually, $20.25 Monthly         

Show Your Support with a Lifetime Membership

Age: Lifetime Dues Rate:  
Age 60-64 $1800

Age 65-69 $1200

Age 70 and older $800

Lifetime member rates do not apply to members currently paying dues via a collective bargaining chapter. 

To pay dues via monthly bank debit, please download a printer-friendly form to return by mail.