• The line that appears on the cover of the May–June 2015 issue of Academe, “I’ll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it,” is from Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.” To teach well, we have to do just what Dylan says—and we have to believe it in order to do it.

  • Our survey includes data on more than 375,000 full-time faculty, making it the largest independent faculty compensation survey in the United States. And it is the only survey of its kind to include extensive information on benefits.

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  • Through the One Faculty campaign, AAUP staff, leaders, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty can use on our campuses to gain concrete improvements in job security and working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.

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Ohio Faculty Fighting for Union Rights

Faculty in Ohio fought to retain their rights in the face of anti-union legislation introduced in the state. The legislation revived an attack on unions that was roundly defeated by Ohio voters in 2011. Above, faculty at Wright State University filled the university president’s office while the AAUP-WSU chapter president met with the university president, David Hopkins. Update: The House Finance Committee passed Sub. HB 64 without the language that would have stripped faculty of their collective bargaining rights. Learn more.

The Redbook Is Here!

The eleventh edition of the AAUP's Policy Documents & Reports (known as the Redbook) is now available from Johns Hopkins University Press! The new edition has been thoroughly updated and contains core AAUP policy statements as well as new reports on timely topics.

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2015 Election Information

Ballots for the 2015 AAUP Council elections have been tallied, and election results are now available. Data on voting participation by chapter, as well as total vote tallies for all candidates, are online.

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Both institutions were found to have violated AAUP-supported standards.

“The dismissal of Professor Salaita has roiled the UIUC community and much of academia; it is one of the more significant violations of academic freedom this decade," said Henry Reichman.

In a mail-in vote, affiliated faculty voted 184-3 to ratify a new contract. The new collectively bargained contract includes up to a 30% increase in some faculty’s pay, doubles professional development funding awards, and provides better job security.

For decades, the AAUP’s faculty salary surveys and compensation reports have been authoritative sources of information about the economic status of the profession.

AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum argued that the dangers that get the most airtime “pale in comparison to what have become the two greatest threats to academic freedom: the growing use of faculty who are hired on contingent contracts, and rising student debt."

Jordan Kurland, associate general secretary of the AAUP told CBS MoneyWatch that his organization is celebrating its centennial, and "it's this kind of thing that was the main reason for our creation." Such pressures may discourage professors from tackling controversial topics, he said.

A Business Standard India asks, "When I got off the call I was puzzled. A four-year undergraduate programme in a university like the one where my friend teaches can cost the student at least $100,000. Why were such universities denying their adjunct professors such basic things like medical assistance, considering how expensive medical care in America is?"

The AAUP's Anita Levy tells NBC San Diego, "While it might look like a good idea, it could end up being like Prohibition where you try to ban something that’s going to end up happening anyway. So why not have good policies with regard to consensual relationships and good policies with regard to sexual harassment complaints.”

May 29, 2015

A meeting of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

June 10, 2015

Join your colleagues for the AAUP’s Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education and the annual business meeting of the AAUP.

July 23, 2015

Please plan to join us at the University of Denver, July 23–26, 2015, for an intensive, four-day series of workshops and seminars that will prepare you to organize your colleagues, stand up for academic freedom, and advocate for research and teaching as the core priority of higher education.

August 14, 2015

A meeting of the AAUP's Executive Committee.

At its November 2014 meetings, the AAUP national Council clarified their policy on payment of dues for the determination of chapter voting strength.

The January - February  issue of Academe focuses on the AAUP's centennial and looks back at the Association’s work over the past century.

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