Issue Campaigns

Higher education is under unprecedented attacks. Learn more about these attacks and what you can do.

One Faculty Campaign

The One Faculty campaign grows out of the AAUP's long history as an organization seeking to improve working conditions, shared governance, economic security, and academic freedom for all those who teach and do research in our universities and colleges.

Through the One Faculty campaign, AAUP staff, leadership, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty working locally can use to improve job security for faculty in contingent appointments, strengthen shared governance at the institutional and departmental levels, and improve compensation for faculty in contingent appointments.

Intellectual Property at Risk

The AAUP has launched an educational campaign to inform faculty about their rights and to encourage faculty senates and contract negotiating teams to secure the rights the Supreme Court has confirmed.

Speak Up, Speak Out: Protect the Faculty Voice

 In the face of unprecedented threats to academic freedom at public colleges and universities, the AAUP has launched an awareness and action campaign called "Speak Up, Speak Out: Protect the Faculty Voice on Campus."

Public Employees and Higher Ed Under Fire

We are in the midst of an unprecedented coordinated attack on public employees. At the same time, government funding for higher education is being withdrawn, even as enrollments rise. And some administrators and boards of trustees are using financial uncertainty as an excuse to cut much more drastically than is necessary--often without real faculty input.