Report of Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, 2009–10

This 2009–10 Committee A report indicates the range of issues the committee addressed and the variety of activities it undertook during the past academic year. The removal and imposition of censure cases dealt with financial exigency and academic due process. The sample of cases settled through staff mediation included late and blanket notices of nonreappointment, threatened salary reductions based on novel “performance standards,” suspension and threatened dismissal following post-tenure review, and misunderstandings regarding the evaluation of a visiting professor. These matters involved a variety of institutions throughout the United States, private as well as public universities, medical schools, and a historically black college. In its legislative business, Committee A recommended and the Council adopted a new regulation on academic employment of graduate students, an issue of major concern to Committee A over the past few years. The legislation reflects the culmination of a process, from subcommittee work to Committee A deliberation, circulation of a draft text, receipt and consideration of suggested revisions, approval by Committee A of a revised text, and ultimate adoption of a new regulation by Council. As issues arose during the course of the academic year, the committee endorsed statements addressing academic freedom in publishing and the role of tenure in law school accreditation.

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