Standing Committee and Subcommittee Reports

Role of the Faculty in the Accrediting of Colleges and Universities

Report sets forth recommended standards for the role and responsibility of the faculty in the accreditation process.

Statement on Campus Sexual Assault

Statement reviewing the scope of the sexual harassment on campus, the frequently disappointing evidence about current campus practices and preparedness, the legal issues at stake, and giving special attention to faculty responsibilities.

Confidentiality and Faculty Representation in Academic Governance

A report arguing that requiring faculty members to sign confidentiality agreements as a requirement to serve on university committees is in most cases inconsistent with widely accepted standards of shared governance and with the concept of serving as a representative. 

Access to Faculty Personnel Files

Report discussing access by faculty members to their own personnel files and to the files of colleagues.

The Status of Part-Time Faculty

Statement offering new propositions, consistent with Association principles, to address some of the continuing problems concerning part-time faculty members.

On Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

Report reviewing and analyzing  the growing use of non-tenured positions and its implications.

Arbitration in Cases of Dismissal

Report discussing the development of arbitral practices in higher education, with particular emphasis on the question of arbitration of dismissal cases.

Senior Appointments with Reduced Loads

Report recommending that colleges and universities “consider creating a class of regular part-time faculty members, consisting of individuals who, as their professional career, share the teaching, research, and administrative duties customary for faculty at their institution, but who for whatever reason do so less than full time.”


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