2013 AAUP In the News

04.05.2013 | Colleges are hiring more adjunct professors

"What quality of education are students receiving if the people teaching them are fearful of being fired for saying the wrong thing?" asked Jennifer Nichols, associate secretary in AAUP's department of academic freedom, tenure and governance.

04.04.2013 | AAUP: Don't Cut Adjunct Hours To Avoid Obamacare Requirements

The Huffington Post quotes the AAUP's Statement on the Affordable Care Act and Part-Time Faculty Positions, "We have been dismayed by news reports of a handful of colleges and universities that have threatened to cut the courseloads of part-time faculty members specifically in order to evade this provision of the law."

04.03.2013 | Rape Culture Is a Problem Worldwide

[Donna] Potts, professor of English, served on the subcommittee of the American Association of University Professors that drafted a statement on sexual assault. The association's report...includes proposed policies to curb instances of sexual assault and provide greater support to victims of assault.

04.02.2013 | Jesus and Academic Freedom

AAUP past president Cary Nelson discusses academic freedom, the First Amendment,religious beliefs,and a lesson about the power of symbols at Florida Atlantic University with Inside Higher Ed.

03.16.2013 | ‘No Confidence’ Vote for Head of N.Y.U.

AAUP's Jordan Kurland tells the New York Times, “I think that the sheer turnout should tell everybody, not just the trustees of N.Y.U. but the general public, that the professors — those who have basic responsibility for seeing through the academic processes — are much more involved than they have been in the past.”

03.16.2013 | The Quest for Shared Governance at Boston College

Susan Michalczyk, Boston College AAUP President, details the faculty’s ongoing quest for a university faculty senate and the sad state of faculty governance at a prestigious Jesuit college.

03.14.2013 | U-Va. Board of Visitors Blasted by AAUP

Read this story in the Washington Post..  A sample of additional coverage includes the Chronicle of Higher Education, Daily Progress,

03.09.2013 | A Rock in a Hard Place:

AAUP member Lynn Tatum teaches religion while fighting for academic freedom