University of Virginia

UVA Should Protect Its Scientists

The AAUP joined with three other groups in writing a letter to University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan urging her to reconsider a May 2011 agreement the university made with the American Tradition Institute. 

New AAUP Chapter at UVA

The recent crisis at the University of Virginia (UVA) regarding governance was the impetus for the reactivation of a dormant local chapter of the AAUP.  The chapter has adopted by-laws, elected officers, and received a charter from the national office, which recently sent an investigative team to UVA in the wake of the events of summer 2012.

College and University Governance: The University of Virginia Governing Board’s Attempt to Remove the President

This report documents a major breakdown in governance at UVA, focusing on the role of the board of visitors and its rector, Helen Dragas, who initiated the effort to force the president’s resignation. It finds that the events at the university resulted from “a failure by those charged with institutional oversight to understand the institution over which they presided and to engage with the administration and the faculty in an effort to be well informed.”

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