Shared Governance

Promoting Shared Governance

Since 1916, the AAUP has been working to ensure meaningful faculty participation in institutional governance. Our first statement on the subject, emphasizing faculty involvement in personnel decisions, selection of administrators, budgeting, and determination of educational policies, was published in 1920.

Today,  AAUP staff and leaders provide advice and assistance to faculty members throughout the country on matters of academic governance. And our Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities is academia's central policy document relating to governance.

Global Trends in Academic Governance

U.S. professors feel less powerful than their colleagues abroad.

A Call for Faculty Reengagement in Governance

Why faculty must resist the “don’t worry, be happy” approach to governance.

Governance Beyond the Campus

Faculty in Nevada are involved not only in institutional governance but also in the legislative process.

Creating a Flexible Budget Process

Contingency budgeting is one response to economic uncertainty.

Liberal Education after Antioch

The story of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute suggests a radical alternative to corporatization.

Governance and Faculty Satisfaction

Shared governance may be more important than money in determining faculty satisfaction.


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