Committee on Teaching Research and Publication

Statement on Graduate Students

Statement recommending standards that will foster sound academic policies, at universities with graduate programs, that protect graduate students’ freedom to learn and to teach. These standards have been developed to ensure that graduate education fulfills its responsibilities to students, faculty, and society.

Observations on the Association’s 1975 Statement on Teaching Evaluation

Observations by the Association’s Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publication in light of important changes to higher education in the thirty years since the Statement on Teaching Evaluation was published. Topics covered include non-tenure-track faculty appointments, the role of student evaluations in faculty personnel decisions, new technologies, and corporate forms of governance. 


Statement on Faculty Workload with Interpretive Comments

Statement setting forth guidelines for determining an equitable faculty workload. This statement defines recommended maximum teaching loads for various types of institutions, as well as for part-time faculty members.

The Faculty Role in the Reform of Intercollegiate Athletics: Principles and Recommended Practices  

Report concerning the continuing preferential treatment of athletes with regard to admissions and scholarship aid, disappointing graduation records for athletes, and ethical breaches of academic standards by coaches, students, administrators, and faculty.

The Work of Faculty: Expectations, Priorities, and Rewards

Statement assessing public discussion about the duties and obligations of the professoriate, including the size and nature of faculty workloads, and offering clarification of the roles of teaching, scholarship, and service for faculty, their institutions, and the public good, in the context of higher education’s costs and benefits.

Statement on Teaching Evaluation

Statement outlining proper teaching evaluation methods and their appropriate uses in personnel decisions. This statement confines itself to the teaching responsibilities of college and university professors and is not intended as the definitive statement on reviewing and weighing all aspects of a faculty member’s work.

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