Membership Development Grants

Membership Development Grants are intended to make Association funds available to state conferences on an as-needed basis with no deadlines for request of submissions.   Individual state conference ASC Membership Development Grant amounts are not to exceed $750.00. Requests for ASC Membership Development Grants are directed to the ASC Chair who, in consultation with the ASC EC, will consider the request(s) and make the grant(s) for the following purposes:

  1. Projects to build new chapters, revive dormant chapters, and increase membership.
  2. Expenses for holding a state conference event in the spring, fall or summer; 
  3. Expenses incurred in producing and distributing a state newsletter twice a year; 
  4. Expenses incurred in planning and executing a lobby day, a higher education day or in supporting the national AAUP legislative agenda;
  5. Other expenses reasonably necessary to engage in activities required for a state conference to become and remain eligible for an ASC Per Capita Grant, for participation in the AAUP Comprehensive Dues Program or to participate in AAUP and ASC activities.

For categories 2) through 4) above, preference shall be given to state conferences that have fewer than 500 members, or that can demonstrate extraordinary financial need.