Centennial Publications

Over the past century, the AAUP has established the standards that undergird American higher education. If your faculty handbook has strong protections for academic freedom, if policies on your campus provide for faculty participation in governance, if you enjoy economic security in your academic position, you have the AAUP to thank.

As part of the centennial celebration, the Association is issuing publications that highlight its historical role in articulating the governing values of the academic profession. These values are embodied in AAUP Policy Documents and Reports, the definitive collection of policy statements often referred to as the Redbook. The eleventh edition of the Redbook, now available from Johns Hopkins University Press, was published in 2015 to coincide with the centennial.

Johns Hopkins University Press has also recently published a history of the founding of the AAUP, Hans-Joerg Tiede's University Reform.

Academe is marking the AAUP’s centennial in 2015 with special issues devoted to the Association’s role in American higher education over the past hundred years and to the opportunities and challenges of the next century. The January–February 2015 issue looks back on the organization's first century of existence and includes articles on the history of the AAUP in the courts, the history of AAUP collective bargaining, the work of the Association in academic freedom and shared governance over the past century, and other topics.

Academe Blog is marking the centennial with a series of centennial blog posts that highlight key figures in the Association, major investigations of the past century, and other historical topics.

A selection of articles and reports related to the AAUP’s origins and history is below.

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