2013 AAUP In the News

12.10.2013 | 2 New York City Colleges Draft Rules That Restrict Protests

Barbara Bowen, PSC-CUNY president, says, that “if CUNY is to be an intellectually vibrant university, it must recognize that ‘expressive activity’ is a vital part of campus life, not a danger to be confined to narrow limits.” Read about campus protests, and how CUNY is limiting the right of faculty and students to protest on campus.

12.09.2013 | Illinois-Chicago Faculty Votes to Authorize Strike

Faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago voted overwhelmingly last week to authorize a possible strike, following 17 months of contract negotiations.

12.09.2013 | 100 protest BGSU plan to cut 30-40 faculty jobs

Signs said the cuts would create larger class sizes, hurt the value of a BGSU degree, and cause students to take longer to graduate.

12.06.2013 | UNH Lecturers Seek to Form Union with AAUP

The union will bring a sense of fairness to lecturers, who haven’t had protection provided to them by the university, Deanna Wood, chapter president of the AAUP-UNH, said.

12.06.2013 | UIC Faculty Union Votes to Authorize Strike, but Talks Will Continue

About four-fifths of the union's 800 voting members cast ballots in this week's vote, with 95 percent favoring the move if necessary to gain a fair contract.

12.05.2013 | Whole New World

“The AAUP has repeatedly asserted that the copyright of courseware resides with the faculty member, and this statement makes it asserts that this extends to online learning,” the AAUP's Hans-Joerg Tiede says of a new AAUP report. Also, see the story in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

12.04.2013 | UC Faculty Frustrated by Pace of Contract Negotiations with School

"University of Cincinnati faculty members are frustrated by the pace of contract negotiations with school officials, so they're calling on Santa for help-- and they don't mean President Santa J Ono" Also, watch the video.

12.03.2013 | Off the Tenure Track, Part-Tme Professors Face Low Pay, Negligible Job Security

"A survey by the AAUP found that only one quarter of part-time faculty were eligible to serve in university governance roles, cutting them off from what AAUP calls 'participation in an integral part of faculty work.'"