University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati Chapter–AAUP

The University of Cincinnati chapter of the AAUP was founded in November 1933 and became a collective bargaining unit in 1974. Approximately 1,700 people are represented by the bargaining unit. The chapter has four full-time staff members: Deborah Herman, the executive director; Anne Feldman, the business administrator; and Stephanie Spanja and Eric Palmer, who handle grievances and casework.

University of Cincinnati Contract Clears Last Hurdle

The University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees unanimously approved the  proposed contract.  The faculty had overwhelmingly ratified the contract, with 94 percent approving the deal.The new three-year agreement is the culmination of a year of negotiations between AAUP and the university.

Contract Settlements for AAUP Chapters

We heartily congratulate AAUP collective bargaining chapters at the University of Cincinnati, Portland State University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, who have reached agreements with their administrations in recent weeks, in each case following prolonged negotiations.

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