Change Institutional Culture, and You Change Who Goes into Science

The University of Maryland Baltimore County has a winning strategy for encouraging students of color to pursue careers in science.

Telling Our Stories to One Another

Narrative is a powerful tool for linking faculty, especially faculty of color.

The Community and the World in Pennsylvania

The Mosaic programs at Dickinson College engage students in many kinds of diversity work.

The “Truthiness” of Academic Meritocracy


How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment. Michèle Lamont. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2009.

Dreams Deferred and Dreams Denied

Undocumented students need both access and services to succeed—and often, they get neither.

New AAUP Report On Faculty With Disabilities

At its fall meeting in November, Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure approved a new subcommittee report, Accommodating Faculty Members Who Have Disabilities, for publication and wide distribution.

The Demographic Dividend

Why the success of Latino faculty and students is critical.

Access in the Academy

When Alex Lubet, professor of music at the University of Minnesota, returned to his job after surgery on his neck, he found that he fell between the cracks of the university’s disability-accommodation policies. As Peter Monaghan reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education, although Lubet was “permanently partially disabled,” he discovered he was “not entitled to workplace accommodations.” Lubet was provided “adaptive office equipment” but not consulted about his needs. As a consequence, he could rarely use what was provided.


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