Call for Proposals

Proposals are sought from individuals or groups on topics relating to college and university governance. Proposals can be configured variously as twenty-minute individual presentations, paired or group presentations, or roundtable discussions on particular topics. Proposers are encouraged (but not required) to explore connections between their institutions and other institutions, and to consider the relevance of AAUP governance policies to problem-solving solutions.


Possible areas of focus:

  • Corporatization and challenges to governance
  • Governance and assessment, account ability, and accreditation
  • Faculty participation in budgeting, financial exigency, or strategic planning
  • Principles, structures, and best practices of shared governance   
  • The role of faculty in hiring, promotion, and tenure
  • Faculty governance, pedagogy, and curriculum   
  • Governance and collective bargaining
  • The relationship of faculty governance to central administrations & legislatures 
  • Motivating faculty to participate in shared governance
  • The role of contingent faculty
  • Departmental governance issues

Proposals of one to two pages should be sent by to: Lenore Beaky, AAUP Committee on College and University Governance, at All accepted presenters must register for the conference.