2014 Election Information

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Nominating Committee Final Report: The AAUP's Nominating Committee has issued its report identifying candidates for 2014 AAUP elections.

2014 Campaign and Election Procedures

Candidate Biographical Information and Campaign Statements

The New York and Pennsylvania AAUP Conferences have included their elections on the national ballot.  Information about the candidates in these elections may be available on the pertinent state conference websites. State conference election results will be disseminated by the conferences.

Ballots for the 2014 national officer and Council election were mailed March 3–7 to the home addresses of voting members (postcards were sent to the work addresses of voting members for whom we lack home addresses with instructions for obtaining a ballot).  Any AAUP member in good standing as of February 1, 2014, is eligible to vote. In order to be counted, ballots must be received by April 15. Ballots will be tallied on April 16. 

 If you do not receive a ballot by Monday, March 17, e-mail your name, home address, and AAUP member ID number to aaup@election-america.com OR call Election-America at (888) 914-5654 with your home address and member ID number.